Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Turbulent Skies/Flight of the Phoenix - 22/07/10

Turbulent Skies (2010)

A Computerized system is being equipped into an Airplane, where it can fly on its own without a Pilot. Later discovers that the Computer is infected and the Plane changes the course, and go towards a deep storm causing the passengers in jeopardy.
Rating:- 6/10 (Watchable)

Flight of the Phoenix (2004)

Starring:- Dennis Quaid, Tyrese Gibson
Airplane is crashed by a major dust storm in the Mongolian deserts, where they are sent to shutdown the operations in an Unproductive Oil Rig in the desert. The Accident occurs on their way to Beijing, causing them to remain in the deserts without any contacts.
Rating:- 6/10 (Watchable)

Valkyrie (2008)

Valkyrie (2008)

- Viewed on 19/07/10

The Best Movie of Tom Cruise, i've watched so far!
The movie tells about the Attempt used to assassinate Adolf Hitler, by a group of German Army Officers, and to take control over Germany by initiating Operation Valkyrie. The movie is a perfect thriller, and have suspenses keeping the audience at pin-point.

The movie is based on real incidents happened in 20th July plot of 1944 during World War II, in which it was the last 15 known attempts, to assassinate Hitler by the Germans.

Rating:- 9/10 (Strictly Must Watch)

Official Website: http://valkyrie.unitedartists.com/
IMDb Page: Valkyrie in IMDb
Wiki Page: Valkyrie film

Inglourious Basterds/BEL:Columbia - 18/07/10

Inglourious Basterds (2009)

The film is overall a Classic Model movie with majority of conversations in it, and not much action sequences. The action sequences did have some gore and had great Originality. The climax Setting Ups was awesome and just superb. Really liked the Character done by Christoph Waltz, (Col Hans Landa) was awesome, and really deserved the Academy Award.
Rating:- 7/10 (A Good Watch)

Behind Enemy Lines: Columbia (2009)

A good Mission-based Army film i watched after the movie Saving Private Ryan.
The film is all about, in which the US Military force wanted to ensure peace with the
FARC, which is a Specially Trained Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia,
who have indulged with terror and caused a threat to the Govt. and Civilians of
Columbia by hijacking,extortion.
Rating:- 8/10 (Must Watch)

Flashbacks of a fool/Hangover/Mean Girls/Raavanan - 05/07/10

Flashbacks of a Fool (2008)

Starring:- Daniel Craig
The film flashbacks about a teenager who has left his home, because of
"Several" incidents happened upon by him. And after 25 years he managed
to return to his home to attend funeral of his best buddy.
Rating:- 7/10 (Watchable)

The Hangover (2009)

No Comments. The films is a perfect "LOL" film.
Its all about 4 friends, who is going to Vegas for a Bachelors Party, and puts
themselves in "F***d-Up" situations.
Rating:- 9/10 (Must Watch)

Mean Girls (2004)

Starring:- Lindsay Lohan
Its an American teen comedy film which plots on a High School, where girls have dominated to the extent, and their effects, such as behaviors, teasers etc. are well portrayed.
Rating:- 8/10 (Watchable)

Raavanan (Tamil) (2010)

Except for the excellent photography and locations, i felt the film worse and
didnt expect this cruelty from Mani Ratnam. The songs were good but didn't enjoy
much as if like other ARR songs.
Rating:- 4/10 For Photography, Locations, Camera.

The Great Escape (1963)

The Great Escape (1963)

- Viewed on 14/06/10

Wow, a good adventurous classic film set in the plot of a German Camp in
which attempts of Escapes committed, but more likely to be caught again and again. The Planning, organising the Final Mass Escape was really good and thrilling too. It does have some good unexpected moments towards the end too. More amusing and interesting was that, seeing young Richard Attenborough in a lead role in the film. (Only realised at the End-Credits)

Moreover, its a must watch movie for classic film fans.
Rating - 8/10

Quantum of Solace (2008)

Quantum of Solace (2008)

- Viewed on 10/05/10

Scenes which i liked - Aston Martin Tunnel chase scene at the beginning seems mind-blowing, Opera scene action (similar to Hitman:Blood Money sequence) Rest i didnt feel anything better in it. Casino Royale had much great scenes compared to Quantum of Solace. Still its good for an Action-Thriller.
Rating:- 6/10 (Watchable)

Mirrors (2008)

Mirrors (2008)

- Viewed on 07/05/10

Starring: Kiefer Sutherland
Indeed good to see Kiefer in a lead role after his presence of only voice in the movie Phone Booth. Mirrors is a good horror movie, in which the reflection in a mirror becomes still and acts on its own thus putting the man itself to death. The film does have some amazing twists in it, and the climax of the film was fabulous.
Rating: 8/10 (A Good watch)

Picture This/Hackers - 06/05/10

Picture This (2008)

Saw the second time....A good movie for a fun watch :)
The film casts about a daughter and her father who is overbeared and always is strict and has a control over his daughter. The film has some funny moments and an exquisite form of suspense which is casted throughout.
Rating:- 7/10 (A Good Watch)

Hackers (1995)

The movie is all about the teenage students who have an efficient and professional knowledge,experiences in ethical hacking. The Hero itself is much popular for Hacking 1507 systems in one day at his age of 11.
Later, the movie becomes more thrilling when one of the Hacker breaks the
security, thus hacking into the system of a Mineral Company and copies some
part of the garbage files !
Its a really interesting movie and a Good watch !
Starring: Angelina Jolie, Johny Lee Miller (Swimfan fame)
Rating:- 8/10 (Must Watch)

The Fly (1986)

The Fly (1986)

- Viewed on 05/05/10

A good sci-fi film, in which man being transformed into an Insect, ofcourse a fly.

It does have some good sequences, and some vomiting stuffs too!
The graphical sequences were done extraordinarily at that time, and seeing now too looks awesome in accordance with the Old technology used. Its not at all surprising that the film won an Academy Award for Special Effects.
Starring: Jeff Goldblum
Rating:- 7/10 (Must Watch)

Scream/Planet Terror - 03/05/10

Scream (1996)

Its better watching the Parody movie of Scream (Scary Movie) rather than the original movie.
Rating:- 4/10

Grindhouse: Planet Terror (2007)

Out of the violence scenes, the film has nothing much...just felt like seeing a Rajnikanth movie!
Rating:- 5/10

Max Payne (2008)

Max Payne (2008)

- Viewed on 02/05/10

Couldn't get time to watch the Premiere show and Repeat show in TV, but watched when it released in Theater. IMO the story, characters (especially Mona Sax,Jack Lupino) suited for the film.
The Movie is pretty watchable but not better than the Game, but managed to shoot as if like from the Game unlike Hitman.
Rating:- 7/10 (Watchable)

In the Line of Fire (1993)

In the Line of Fire (1993)

- Viewed on 28/04/10

Clint Eastwood starring as a Federal Agent, who tries to protect the President
of the US from the threat of Assassination.
A good watch - 8/10

Love in Singapore (Mal) - 12/04/10

Love in Singapore (2009)

Atlast saw this wonderful movie in Kiran TV Yesterday (12/04/10) !
Enttammo, it was like "Standing in front of a moving Train" :-(

I really feel pitty for Rafi Mecartin's direction and Mammootty as well, for acting in this film.

It felt more like a Movie shot b/w free-times of Stars during their Singapore picnic!

Clash of the Titans (2010)

Clash of the Titans (2010)

- Viewed on 05/04/10

Visually Good .. sequences are good, especially the Medusa execution at the lair.
My rating - 3/5

Dirty Pretty Things (2002)

Dirty Pretty Things (2002)

- Viewed on 06/02/10

My second watch in Star Movies.

A film which tells the story of Kidney Mafia's running out in London.
The film starts like a typical documentary, but towards its more thrilling
and an unexpected climax towards the end.
Starred by Chiwetel Ejiofor, Audrey Tautou. Directed by Stephen Frears.

Rating : 7/10 (A Good Watch)

Dreamcatcher (2003)

Dreamcatcher (2003)

- Viewed on 05/02/10

Anyways i saw the movie before, and managed to see some of the scenes

today too. Though the film was not a success in the Box Office, i personally liked
and much enjoyed. The film points out the plot in which they acquired telepathy at their child ages, when they befriended a mentally retarded boy named "Dudits".
Rating:- 6/10 (Watchable)